Admin accounts in Expression Engine from the database

I moved an Expression Engine site to a new server which meant I needed to update the path to the themes. The site style may be messed up and links may not work until you do this. I don’t know why EE makes you have an absolute path but I needed to change it which meant I needed the admin username and password. The owner of the site didn’t have the admin info so we were stuck.

The password is in the database but is encrypted so I can’t just change it. Plus, it’s attached to an email. So my thought, just change the email and reset the password. It worked fine!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log into the database via PHPMyAdmin
  • Select your Expression Engine database
  • Browse the exp_members table
  • Click Edit (pencil) for the user you are going to take overmembers-tables
  • Update the email to whatever and hit Go at the bottom.members-email
  • Now go to the login for the site and do a password reset.

This should reset the password and email you a new one for the username you edited.

2 thoughts on “Admin accounts in Expression Engine from the database

  1. I am attempting to use these directions and they make sense but it’s not sending me a password? It a message appears that says I can’t do that at this moment?

  2. I had to try a couple different users, the first one I tried didn’t have the right access rights. Does the user you’re trying to reset have member_id “1” and group_id “1”? I don’t remember if that had anything to do with it.

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